A book by hedge fund manager Paul Marshall takes on the sector’s critics to argue it is possible to beat the market

A new book by Andrew W Lo and Stephen R Foerster profiling key figures in the development of modern portfolio theory offers a fresh perspective on the active versus passive debate

If you want full control of where your pension goes can choose your own sustainable investments through a self-invested DIY pension — Go Invest Green contributor Justin Reynolds discusses his experience.

A new book by Financial Times journalist Alice Ross offers a valuable introduction to the rapidly growing opportunities for green investors.

From the stabilisation of Antarctica’s sliding glaciers, the mass adoption of regenerative agriculture, to a new age of solar-powered sail and the return of the airship, Kim Stanley Robinson’s latest climate fiction previews the technologies we may — before too much longer — be using in the real world.

Comandante Ferraz Antarctica Research Station | Estudio41

A new book argues that the case for moving to a sustainable economic model should use the language of desire rather than sacrifice, emphasising what we might gain, not just what we might lose.

What comes first, thought or language? Some notes on the philosophy of language with reference to Le Guin’s great science fiction novel The Dispossessed.

IIlustration by David Lupton in the Folio Society edition of The Dispossessed published in 2019.

Dieter Helm’s latest energy transition manifesto puts a carbon tax at the centre of a programme for navigating the path to a carbon-neutral economy

A ferocious polemic by Andreas Malm, written as the worldwide lockdown took hold, summons the imagery of Soviet war communism to impress the urgency of our predicament

Red Army poster detail, Ukraine 1920

A new book by Ashley Dawson argues that only public control can stop the drift and steer the world towards sustainability

Constructon of the Grand Coulee Dam, 1933

Justin Reynolds

A London-based business writer and essayist. Find me at justinreynoldswriter.com and @_justinwriter.

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